Subject leader: Miss Yarrow

‘Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of all garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.’

Matthew 13 vs.31-32

Our entire curriculum, including Science, is underpinned by the ‘Parable of the Mustard Seed’ and summarised by our motto:

 Together may we give our children: Roots to grow and Wings to fly. 


Our school vision for Science is to provide a safe place of learning – a happy sanctuary for children where EVERY unique individual will be nurtured to grow and flourish to achieve their full potential with confidence. The intent of our Science teaching stems from the whole school curriculum intent to build on prior learning and reflect children’s interests. We aim to make the children curious, independent, ambitious and appreciative learners, inspiring and nurturing each unique individual to achieve their full potential by encouraging and supporting them to explore the world around them as part of our, ‘Roots to grow, wings to fly,’ school aim.

Individual year group themes inspire children so they feel confident and excited to be working as Scientists. Our curriculum maps ensure that children experience a wide-range of scientific knowledge and concepts whilst continuously developing skills of working scientifically. This enables the children’s natural curiosities to develop into real scientific thinking. Children learn through investigation, asking questions and planning strategies in which to find answers. In this way, children are fully prepared with the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of Science in everyday life for today and for the future. Each year we celebrate British Science week with interactive whole school Science activities. We are proud of our partnership with Cummins, which enables us to have an annual Engineering week in school, during which each class participates in an Engineering workshop and our Upper Key Stage 2 pupils design and build their own car to race at Croft Circuit.

Class teachers monitor and make formative assessments of the children’s progress across the themes looking at the individual scientific statements to determine each child’s individual level of attainment and identify areas for development or further learning opportunities.

We welcome any additional contacts who would like to support our learning of scientific enquiry in our aim to become budding scientists.

Science Overview

Eco Schools

At Eppleby Forcett and Middleton Tyas, we ensure that the children are taught to respect and protect our environment through reducing, recycling and reusing resources.