RE (Religious Education) is taught as part of the basic curriculum of Trinity Academy Eppleby Forcett and Middleton Tyas and is driven through our vision of ‘roots to grow, wings to fly’; preparing children as they make their own way in the world.

As Religious Education (RE) is not a National Curriculum subject, our school follows the ‘Dioceses of Leeds and York Diocesan Syllabus for Religious Education’ (2017). As a church school RE has the same status as a core subject.

RE within our school both supports and strengthens what we aim to do in every aspect of school life.  Specifically, RE at our school aims to enable pupils of whatever ability and level of development to:

  1. Enable pupils to know about and understand Christianity as a living faith that influences the lives of people worldwide and as the religion that has most shaped British culture and heritage.
  2. Enable pupils to know and understand about other major world religions and non-religious worldviews, their impact on society, culture and the wider world, enabling pupils to express ideas and insights.
  3. Develop an understanding of the influence of beliefs, values and traditions on individuals, communities, societies and cultures, including the local community;
  4. Contribute to the development of pupils’ own spiritual/philosophical convictions, exploring and enriching their own beliefs and values.
  5. Recognise the right of people to hold different beliefs within an ethnically and socially diverse society.

The teaching of RE seeks both to impart knowledge and develop understanding of religious experiences, feelings and attitudes through a variety of teaching and learning approaches.

At Trinity Academy we are very proud of our Church School foundation. We have many links with the church community both in Middleton Tyas and Forcett itself and further afield in the Diocese of Leeds and we all enjoy the many benefits that the children can gain from these links.

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