Global Dimensions

We believe that acquiring understanding and expertise in global education will enhance the whole curriculum at Trinity Academy, through the wider horizons and fresh insights gained by both staff and pupils.

We aim for children to develop an understanding of and knowledge about the eight key concepts of global education – global citizenship, diversity, human rights, interdependence, conflict resolution, social justice, values & perceptions and sustainable development.

Through these concepts we aim for children to have the opportunities to acquire and develop the skills of critical thinking, ability to recognise bias and stereotypes, communication, ability to identify and challenge injustice and inequality, and co-operation and conflict resolution.

Through global education we also aim for our children to develop these values and attitudes – sense of identity and self-esteem, commitment to social justice and equality, empathy, value and respect for diversity, respect for the environment and commitment to sustainable development, belief that people can make a difference.

Global education is integrated into the whole curriculum and by experiences using a variety of media, which facilitate understanding of current developments, including magazines, newspapers, video, internet etc. We develop an awareness of similarities and differences in lifestyle and culture in a range of countries

In order to develop links with the wider world we have worked with schools in other parts of the world that are very different from our own.

Through the British Council we have had a number of visits to our Kenyan partner school, Kamayoge.

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