Early Years

“Play is the highest form of research.”  Albert Einstein

A warm welcome and the delightful buzz of learning can be felt the moment you walk through the door at our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) based at Eppleby.  Much laughter can be heard and many smiles can be seen as our Preschool children (age 2 to 4 years) and our Reception class benefit from learning through play both indoors and outdoors.

“Play is the answer to how anything new comes about.”  Jean Piaget

Wonderful opportunities are available to ignite children’s natural curiosity within a safe, fun and stimulating environment.  We encourage every child to explore, play, splash, build, sing, dance, climb, paint and laugh.  Learning is based on a wide range of experiences to develop confidence and encourage children to become motivated readers, writers, problem-solvers, artists and explorers.

Great value is placed on being kind to others and each child is encouraged to take care of those around them. All children attend our daily collective worship where we enjoy learning about a range of Christian values from perseverance and courage to truthfulness and compassion.

We want to achieve the best for your child by close co-operation between home and school. There will be many opportunities for you to share in your child’s education and we are always available to talk to you about any aspect of your child’s development.

“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.”   Maria Montessori

We believe that early childhood education provides the essential foundation for all future learning.  Above all, we look to nurture self-confidence, inspire imaginations and create capable and independent learners to help prepare children for a positive and happy transition to the next step in their school life.

If you are in receipt of 15 or 30 hours funding you are able to use those funded hours at our Preschool. We also offer wrap around care with a breakfast club from 8:00 am and after school care until 5:30 pm.

Reception Long Term Plan 2019 ELG

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We are delighted to be fully open for all of our children. Do visit our Coronavirus page for the latest information on keeping safe during the pandemic.