How we decide when a child needs to go on the SEND register?

There are 4 areas of need according to the 2014 Code of Practice.

  • Cognition and Learning
  • Social, Mental and Emotional health
  • Communication and Interaction
  • Sensory and/or Physical Needs

Children are assessed regularly to ensure that they are making the expected progress. Some children can be identified as ‘stuck’ and will therefore receive some extra help and support. The class teacher is usually the first person to notice that the child needs extra help. If this is the case then they will ask for a meeting with the SENDCo to discuss strategies. If these strategies are not working and the child is becoming significantly behind their peers in any area then a discussion with parents/carers about the possibility of putting the child on the SEND register will take place.

Once a discussion has taken place, a final decision will be made by parents/carers, the class teacher and the SENCo regarding the next appropriate steps.

If you have any concerns regarding your child then please raise your concerns with the class teacher and/or the SENDCo (Mr Gatrill-

SEND Policy


The SEND Information Report has been written as a response the North Yorkshire County Council Local Offer. This outlines what we provide as a school to all children with an identification of SEND.

What is the Local Offer?

North Yorkshire County Council have published their local offer for children and families from 0-25. This outlines what is available for children and young people with SEND in our Local Authority.

All schools are required to provide information to parents on how to seek additional support beyond that which is ‘normally available’ for their child.

The main aim of the local offer is to enable families to see readily the support they can expect locally without having to struggle to find the information. If there is any information that you would like to know that is not on the website then please do not hesitate to contact Mrs McLean (SENCo).

The North Yorkshire Local Offer can be found at:

Local Offer

The Provision Map for our two schools.

Our Provision Map provides details of support that is available across the settings for each of these areas. Wave 1 provision gives details of what all children might expect as part of the usual classroom practice. Wave 2 provides details of support within small groups. Wave 3 provides details of possible 1:1 support.

Please note that there is some overlap and some resources/approaches may be used across different areas of need and across the 3 waves. Some of these resources and approaches are used widely within class regardless of your child’s ability so please don’t think that just because your child has used a particular resource to support their learning eg Numicon that they are regarded as Special Needs.

Your child will receive the support that is best suited for them to help them in moving on in their learning.

NYPACT Parent Group

North Yorkshire has a local parent forum that provides a collective voice for parents and carers of children with SEND.

NYPACT (North Yorkshire Parent Carer Forum) is a non-profit organisation run by parents for parents. It provides parents and carers with a voice and the mechanism for being able to feed back their views to education, health and social care service providers such as the county council and health partners.

For further details please refer to the website  If you would like to register an interest, receive regular updates and the quarterly newsletter please complete the registration form.


SENDIASS provides confidential and impartial information, advice and support to parents and carers of children who have special educational needs, learning difficulties or disabilities.

The team of SENDIASS co-ordinators are qualified and experienced in special educational needs, and are based at the locations across the county. Follow the link below for more details of SENDIASS within North Yorkshire

SEND information, advice and support service (SENDIASS)