Mental Health

We are committed to doing everything we can to support the positive mental health of all of our school family. We are delighted to share these online resources. As always, if there is anything we can do to support you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Do have a look at the fabulous art work we created across the whole Trust which was unveiled on Mental Health Awareness Day!

In support of – All

  1. An excellent toolkit of resources for coronavirus and mental health:
  2. Mind have comprehensive mental health resources for your own personal wellbeing, and also wellbeing in the workplace:
  3. NHS – Health A-Z (Mental Health), a whole range of audio guides and signposting to mental health helplines, support groups and expert advice. The website also allows you to put in your local postcode to find out what resources are close to you:
  4. Public Health England & NHS Every Mind Matters website – generic health and wellbeing information linked to the NHS:
  5. Samaritans – if you are worried about your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak:

In support of – Teachers and Pupils

  1. The National College are running free support hubs and webinars for pupils and teachers:

 In support of – Parents and Pupils

  2. Government and DfE Mental Health Guidance:
  3. Please also see: Support for pupils and parents – NYES

In support of – Children / Young people

  1. An overview of all of the mental health services in the local area for children and young people, together with support for parents and carers, can be found on The Go-To website:
  2. NSPCC – Includes resources to support children with anxiety:
  3. The Children’s Society:
  4. Youth and wellbeing Directory:
  5. Take Time Out:
  6. Support for Young People:
  7. Action for Children mental health resources and information:
  8. Childline mental health support and guidance:
  9. Health Education England (in association with Young Minds have agreed a number of accessible on line modules) This is mainly for adults/family/carers in support of children’s mental health – free and accessible with no login required:
  10. Local Children & Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS) services: NHS local Access to Children & Young Peoples services:
  11. Alliance Psychological Services – Children &young people’s therapies and intervention:
  12. Charlie Waller Memorial Trust – Talking to children about feelings: Tips for parents and carers
  13. British Psychological Society – blogs, videos, webinars and advice on variety of issues that families might be experiencing due to Covid-19.
  14. World Health Organisation – simple infographic on ‘Helping children cope with stress during the 2019-nCoV outbreak’
  15. How to talk to your child about Covid-19 article
  16. ALN Home School – this site is designed to benefit parents and carers of young people who have additional learning needs who may have to be home schooled during the Covid-19 outbreak.
  17. Many children and young people may experience difficulties with their sleep on the return to school. Providing structure through the development of daily and weekly timetables, including bedtime routines, can be helpful in providing some predictability for young people in this unsettling time. If your child is struggling you can seek help through The Sleep Charity:
  18. These websites are excellent for supporting with bereavement:  and

Children’s Resources

  1. One of the best ways to promote positive mental is to keep active – See: Keeping active at home ideas
  2. BBC Newsround, providing advice to children and young people who are worried about coronavirus:
  3. Hungry little minds:
  4. BBC Tiny Happy People is a free website, which gives ideas for activities and play ideas pre-birth – age 5:
  5. Free online course for children (7-12) as a way of learning about the global COVID-19 pandemic. They will learn helpful information about what the new virus is, how to stay healthy and do their best not to pass it on, how they might feel about it, things to do at home:
  6. Alder Hey Childrens NHS Foundation Trust – animation to help children understand what Coronavirus is:
  7. My Hero is You story book aimed to help children (6-11) to understand Covid-19. This can be downloaded or played as an audiobook. It is also produced in 6 languages:
  8. Coronavirus – A Book for Children story book explaining coronavirus to children (5-9):
  9. In terms of curriculum and Coronavirus/emotional health and wellbeing – the PSHE Association has created a Coronavirus Hub, which does provide info and advice about building this into the curriculum, teaching remotely, podcasts etc. for teachers:


  1. Underdogg and the indoor adventure– explores what to do when we are frightened and links to staying safe indoors.
  2. Underdogg and the Gritty Cat – explores perseverance.
  3. How to not go to School A chapter book with questions within each chapter but also many other activities could be linked e.g. making feelings stones, designing an imaginary friend. 
  4. The Oyster and the Butterfly: The Coronavirus and Me 
  5. Children’s Commissioner- Children’s Guide to Coronavirus 
  6. Covibook: Hello I’m a virus – an interactive resource designed to support and reassure children aged 7 and under to help children explain and draw the emotions that they might be experiencing during the pandemic. Available in 18 different languages:
  7. Carol Gray has produced a social story about coronavirus and pandemics. The social story uses large print pictures and provides contextual information about pandemics and viruses in general.


  1. Charlie Waller Memorial Trust Wellbeing Challenge following the five ways to mental well-being
  2. Thinking games – this website has links to a whole host of games designed to improve logical thinking skills
  3. Sensory Learning Activities: A to Z of ideas
  4. 44 engineering and science challenges from the engineers at Dyson.

Resources from Church

  1. Supporting good mental health | The Church of England
  2. Light a candle | The Church of England
  3. I am a Parent | The Church of England
  4. See the latest news from our churches Saint Cuthbert’s Church Forcett:
  5. And St Michaels and All Angels Church Middleton Tyas

Staff – Do remember we are here to support you too! As you know, there is a wealth of support available from SAS (Our staff absence scheme) and we also buy in to support for you from both Health Assured and Occupational Health. You can also access the Education Support Network – 08000 562561. Please also see: Support for staff in schools – NYES If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to speak to a member of the senior leadership team.