Class Organisation

Our 208 children on roll are organised into 8 classes as follows:

Early Years – Taught on our Eppleby Forcett Site

Pre-school – Led by Mel Tallantire

Reception – Mrs James (Early Years Lead)

Key Stage 1 – Taught on our Middleton Tyas Site

Year 1 – Miss Bartle

Year 2 – Miss Yarrow

Key Stage 2 – Taught on our Middleton Tyas Site

Year 3 – Mrs Wass

Year 4 – Mr Keane

Year 5 – Mrs Parker (Senior Teacher)

Year 6 – Mr McCulloch

Stay home – Protect the NHS – Save lives

During lockdown, we are only open to the children of critical workers and those who are vulnerable. Note: We are open for preschool children. Please only use these services if absolutely necessary. If at all possible, children should be safe at home.