Whenever possible, we encourage children to walk to school or to “Park and stride”.

There is limited parking near both schools.  Do be mindful and try to park as safely as possible.  Please do not park on the zigzag lines or block road entrances, on pavements, or in front of residential entrances.

If you have a valid, disabled badge there is parking available in the Middleton Tyas School car park.  At Eppleby Forcett there is a park directly outside the gate for Disabled Access.

Middleton Tyas is served by one North Yorkshire County Council school bus.  It collects our pupils from Stanwick St John and Aldbrough St John.  There is no NYCC bus service for Eppleby Forcett but please click here for more information regarding the County Councils transport arrangements.

Because we work in a unique way and teach children across both sites, in single year group classes, we offer transportation for all children who apply to Eppleby Forcett setting and Reception children who apply to our Middleton Tyas setting.

How our transport works:

The children (Yr’s 1 – 6) from Eppleby Forcett catch the bus from Eppleby Forcett to Middleton Tyas at 8.05am each morning.  This bus also collects children registered at Middleton Tyas that reside in the villages of Stanwick St John and Aldbrough St John.  They arrive at 8.40am in Middleton Tyas for the beginning of the school day.  At the end of the day, the children are then transported back to Stanwick St John, Aldbrough St John and Eppleby Forcett.

The Reception children from Middleton Tyas catch the same bus from Middleton Tyas to Eppleby Forcett at 8.45am to join their Reception class.  At the end of the day, the reception children return to Middleton Tyas on the bus for 3:15pm.

We have a dedicated member of staff that travels on the bus at all times and knows all of the children.

For all those children using the buses that serve our schools, we require a bus slip to be completed weekly and handed to either school office each Thursday for the following week.

If you require any further information then please contact us.

Booking Slips for Buses

North Yorkshire County Council Transport Policy

Catchment Areas as defined by North Yorkshire County Council

Interactive Map